About Us


A Change through Technology and Innovation for Microbusinesses

Connect With The Problem

Micro-Businesses have been struggling with access to technology – either because they don’t see how technology can benefit them, or they lack the manpower and financial resources for it.

We realize that a wide wedge exists between micro-businesses and IT companies. Most IT companies tend to serve small to large businesses, leaving startup and micro-business with no viable solutions.

We are here to change that trend.

Connect To Solutions

Grace Made Business (GMB) is a company who will go the distance to bring viable solutions to micro-business and start ups.

We are committed to developing software, acquiring and setting up hardware, building IT infrastructure, designing & maintaining websites and where necessary. We also offer support services to help manage these solutions.

Connect With You

We figured out that providing solutions isn’t the end of the problem. We have to stay on and make sure that those solutions stick. This means we have to dig deep and bring our expertise to a long term basis where we could offer support and maintenance to sustain those solutions.

As a consequence, our relationships with our clients have to evolve from the usual business-client interaction. Connecting with you is vital for us to have mutual benefits and we are absolutely blessed to be a part of your success, as you are, a part of ours!



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